While I don’t want to get deep into the legalese of blogging and social media, it’s necessary to indicate the necessary expectations of the blog.

Note that any part of this disclosure is subject to change.

First off, this is a blog. It’s a personal blog of my exploits and adventures which from time to time will detail projects I decide to take on. The information and media I post is purely for informational purposes only.

I currently work for Ford Motor Company. As an employee of Ford Motor Company, my opinions are my own and are not those of the Ford Motor Company. I am not an official spokesperson of Ford Motor Company and therefore, my opinions should not considered the views of my employer. I like my job and would like to keep it.

While I know a thing or two about cars, I am not authorized to provide any service related or technical information on Ford Motor Company products. While I will be posting information in relation to the small projects I attempt to take on, they will not be in relation to Ford Motor Company products. If you have any questions in relation to Ford Motor Company Products or Services, please visit the Ford Motor Company contact page here.

I’m no expert in many areas. I do my best to provide accurate information, but considering I’m inherently human, I tend to make mistakes from time to time. Therefore, I make no claims as to completeness, accuracy, validity, or currentness of any information on my blog. As such, I will not be liable for any inaccuracies, omissions, or errors in the information I post. As well, if you decide to apply any of the information I post, I will not be liable for any losses, damages, or injuries resulting from its display or use. If you’re interested in pursuing a project similar to something I’ve started, talk to an expert or consult expert sources prior to engaging in any project.

My blog posts will likely incur comments from time to time. While I enjoy hearing opinions and discussions of others, I reserve the right to modify or remove comments I feel fall into the following categories:

  • Comments with spam
  • Comments with offensive content
  • Comments with Profanity
  • Comments that attack the author, commenters, individuals, organizations, or companies

I’m all for constructive discussion and you may disagree with me on certain ideas and information. I’m all for a proactive and constructive discussion of ideas, but I reserve the right to edit and delete comments without notice and as necessary. Use common sense and it shouldn’t be a problem.


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